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Summer Deals!!

Angie's Unique Cleaning

Welcome in winter with a great cleaning.
Let's start the new years off with great cleaning for your home or office, where currently offering family & Friends week, If you tell three friends your cleaning is half off the actual price.
Call Angie's  301-832-2346 for more great deals.
Mom's where offering 25% off for every expecting Mother until May First 2013.
Check out our weekly offers every Monday.

Angie`s the cleaning specialist.

Welcome, Thank you for checking out my blog, I want to announce my cleaning services to you, Where dedicated to our work, We only deliver the best services in town. Please check out Angies Christmas and New years specials.
Let's make it a great day, and thank you for choosing Angie's.

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Summer Deals!!
Angie's Unique Cleaning
Angie`s the cleaning specialist.


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