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If your looking for a great deal without the troubles, Angie's is different from the rest. We deliver the best service at your door, we bring our own cleaning products, we go the extra mile to support our customers to make your life easier. 
Questions are often ask, what makes your cleaning different from the rest? Perfection. 

I took the time to learn about cleaning, what tools to use, and what tools that works. I have mastered the secret of great cleaning!. 
  So let's Schedule your next winter cleaning. 2016-2017
     1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom        

        3 Bedroom Specials
                 Angie's prices
 Cleaning, 2 Bathrooms,  
 Kitchen, Vacuuming living 
 room. Dinning room area, Dusting mopping, 3 bedrooms.
Move in and Move out specials      
 We're offering studio's &
 dorms pricing, senior living,  
  adult living facilities. 
 Any additional rooms added
  upon arrival will be an
  additional cost. 

Looking for a great look for your bed room , we change bedroom linen and sheets
Quality reliable cleaning in hour hands. where always happy to work with you!
 Peace of mind in our hands.
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Marion Meadows - Red Light
red light
    Town homes, Single family
             Angie's prices
    1-2 bath Standard cleaning, 
      Kitchen, Bathrooms, Dusting.      
      Single family & town
      homes are listed the same.     
        Microwave, Refrigerator  
        cleaning, Oven cleaning is not     
         added into pricing..
       As we enter the new year, 
       we're offering friends and                         family week, tell three friends
        and they will receive half off   
          until February 2016.

       For more details please call                            Angie's.

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    Currently we only accept cash
Cleaning with a touch of fresh scents that are all natural.
 See you soon.
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